At EllaBella® we offer full training with the purchase of our equipment. All our trainers are professionally qualified to ensure your staff are fully trained to operate the machines.

During our accredited training sessions, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and expertise you need to provide the treatments with confidence. In addition to training for all the equipment purchased, we will also provide business training to instantly improve your sales performance and “business health” with our tried and trusted techniques.

-We believe that professional, well trained staff is the best asset your business can have.
-Make your Professional Beauty business stand out by ensuring that your customers achieve superior results by well trained staff who understand the client needs as well as your business needs.
-Forward thinking beauty salons that satisfy their clients’ needs profitably – are guaranteed to stay longer in business with a loyal customer base.

(Training is included free as part of the overall sales package – however new staff joining your team can be trained at a later stage but there will be a charge for this expense – please contact us for a price)