EllaBella Beauty Distribution

UK & Ireland’s Top Supplier of Professional Salon Machines

Ellabella Beauty Distribution

UK & Ireland’s Top Supplier of Professional Salon Machines

EllaBella Beauty Distribution Ltd

EllaBella® is an Irish company which was set up to distribute exclusive professional salon machines to salons throughout Ireland and UK. The directors of the company have extensive beauty & business experience and understand the demands of running a successful beauty salon.

Introducing Slimmer Image Laser Lipo®

Using ultrasound FDA approved technology, the Slimmer Image Laser Lipo® reduces localised fat deposits to promote effective body reshaping & fat reduction. FAT REDUCTION is a key concern for both males & females in today’s image conscious society and clients will pay to get results.

Introducing effleurer®

The NEW non surgical face lift – now YOUR clients can stay younger for longer!

effleurer® stimulates natural collagen production safely using FDA approved ultrasound technology to tighten the skin to eliminates subtle signs of ageing on the face and chin area there by creating a visible lift – without the need for surgery.

  • No recovery time
  • Noticeable results
  • Once/twice per year treatment
  • High Sales Potential for Professional Salons!

Introducing Glacial Definition

A new advanced non-invasive fat reduction treatment giving your client the perfect body in just 2 hours. This amazing treatment can achieve a loss of one dress size in just one treatment. Glacial Definition uses the latest cyrolipolysis technology.

By reducing the temperature of fats cells to below freezing, the fat cells die. These cells then leave the body naturally through the lympathic system. This process takes up to three months with clients beginning to notice results after only 3 days. An amazing 95% of clients drop a dress size within 4 weeks.

Introducing Thermashape

Thermashape is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure that effectively eliminates subtle signs of ageing in the face. Thermashape is used to smooth out wrinkles, tighten the skin, and redefine facial contours.

During the Thermashape procedure, high levels of heat are applied to the area being treated using radio frequency energy. During the healing process, collagen rebuilds itself and tightens the skin continuing to work up to 3 months after the treatment.

Introducing Rapido Laser Hair Removal

Rapido Laser hair removal is one of the fastest methods of laser hair removal on the market, it works on black, brown, blonde, white and red hair. Treatments are done every 6 weeks, courses can vary from 6 plus treatments depending on the colour pigment and the area being treated.

Consultations are recommended to guide the client in the procedure involved. Rapido Laser hair removal is pain free and there is no down time post treatments.


At EllaBella® we offer full training with the purchase of our equipment. All our trainers are professionally qualified to ensure your staff are fully trained to operate the machines.

During our accredited training sessions we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and expertise you need to provide the treatments with confidence. In addition to training for all the equipment purchased, we will also provide business training to instantly improve your sales performance and “business health” with our tried and trusted techniques.